The south is good…

The pics above show a woman making fresh chapati in her home; a Goan sunset not far from where we stayed on Majorda Beach; and us with our driver Vijay Singh.
We had an amazing 4 nights in South Goa…the weather and the food were perfect. It was the first time we were able to walk around freely without being hustled or trailed. It was amazing! Goa is unique (besides for the reasons noted above) because it is primarily Christian. There is still a strong Portugese influence here and it seems very incongruous to see women in saris at all of the churches and cathedrals. We even saw quite a few vendors named Correia!
From Goa we flew to Cochi in the province of Kerala which is the southern most region on the west coast. The climate here is much different than the arid north. It’s hot and very humid and unfortunately has a ton of mosquitoes (luckily for Grant I am as effective as repellant for him as the mosquitos find me quite tasty!)
Grant was disappointed to learn that Kerala is primarily a ‘dry’ state! We’re not exactly sure why but there are a number of rules surrouding the sale of alcohol (i.e. it cannot be sold within 100 metres of a school or church, which by the way, happen to be everywhere!).
We’ve got 2 more nights in Fort Cochi and then head off to our houseboat adventure!
Hope all is well with everyone! xoxox

Update: Ok so we found some beer. The key is to ask for the ‘special tea’ (wink wink). The waiter will then return with a tea pot (filled with cold beer) and two mugs. We had been wondering why the restaurants were serving so much tea!
We also went to a Kathakali Dance show last night. It is the traditional dance/play in Kerala. It involves a series of exaggerated eye, mouth and neck movements (no words). We will reinact this for our friends back home. It will also involve me painting Grant’s face green…can’t wait to show you 😉
Rachel – we found a restaurant called Salt n Pepper yesterday. We’ve been singing your song ever since!


~ by sdobbie on January 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “The south is good…”

  1. See I’m practically famous!!!

  2. are you serious that your driver is Vijay Singh……..according to the golf channel they said he was having knee surgery this passed week and now we find him driving you guys around…..FREAKIN AMAZING….
    (i will explain who Vijay Singh is when you get home.LOL i put the comment for “sports” fans who read your blog)
    Big D

  3. Well I am glad to hear that you two having fun…and getting fat! The more weight you gain, the more you will need to do my class when you return. And what is this I hear about not being missed? I am guessing that is grant speaking since sarah misses me so much she often sees me in her mind’s eye when she kisses grant.
    Don’t you fret…I will keep making that damn class harder and harder in your absence! Enjoy your holiday.

  4. Big D – Yeah, I know can you believe it! Not only did we get driven around safely but we also picked up a couple of golf tips!
    Louise – you know that was Grant! Of course I miss you. I’ve got no one here to yell at me and tell me to drop and give them 50 burpees! I’m getting fleshy…better get home soon 😉 Say hi to everyone at the club for us (Although Chris White tells us that he’s asked around and no one remembers who we are!)

  5. OK guys you will fit right in now when we take our trip to Iran! we also drink LOTS of tea!! LOL wink wink 😉

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