She sir, is a he

We spent one quick night in Mumbai and stayed at a lovely hotel just north of downtown.  The traffic in Mumbai is, again, crazy.  We had contemplated heading to the gateway of India (which is downtown) and were told that it will take a good 2 hours by taxi (it’s only 8 km away!).   There’s still some cows on the roads but lots and lots of cars!  On the way back to the airport we saw women weaving in between cars fanning their saris through car windows.   Grant asked our driver ‘What is she doing’ and the curt response from the driver was ‘She sir, is a he’.   Interesting!

It was a short flight to Goa, where the temperature changed drastically from the north (in the north there were highs of 20s and lows of 5, here there are highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s).  We’re staying at a wonderful 100 year old restored guesthouse.  It’s got about 6 guestrooms and wonderful verandahs and sitting areas.   We spend our mornings lounging on the front verandah, watching the sun rise over the palm trees, eating fresh fruit and enjoyng the scenery (the odd pig, chicken or horn tooting vendor on his bike go by).  The meals here have been fantastic and the service is unbeatable!  Last night we went out for a traditional Goan meal….fish curry, palak paneer (my new favourite), chicken cafreal, roti (unleavened bread cooked in the tandoor oven) and steamed rice, washed down with 2 giant kingfisher beers.  All this for $15 Canadian.

Grant continues to be greeted first (often as Mr Dobbie) and of course given the bill every time, but we still know who the boss is.  We’ve been able to spend several hours a day walking and exploring the villages here and are enjoying sunsets over the Arabian sea!  Incredible!

We’ve got one more night here and then we fly south to the Kerala region (on the West coast) which is again supposed to have a distinct feel from other areas in India.  We’ll keep you posted.

Grant’s comments:  Just wanted to let Chris White (aka C-unit) know that the day after the lentil night at Stuart’s house is nothing compared to the AE I have experienced here.  Also, we both had a massage yesterday that neither one of us has received  before (details upon return home).  Fokker will appreciate this one!

Thanks everyone for following along – we appreciate the comments!


Sarah and Grant

PS – Anh (aka Monkey), how is the Mexican standoff going?


~ by sdobbie on January 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “She sir, is a he”

  1. Hi Grant and the Boss, Chuc Mung Nam Moi! It’s new years today. Loving the blog! The Mexican stand off was over a LONG time ago. It’s been nice… looking forward to Feb6/7 and then of course you guys will be home soon after that! Keep enjoying and G, sorry to hear about the AE. ouch.

  2. Wow! Cool stuff.
    tc guys

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