Today we are winding up our tour of Rajasthan and flying to Mumbai. Rajasthan has been an eye opening experience to say the least! We stayed at a beautiful place in Jaipur (Samode Haveli) in the ‘Old City’. The city itself has roughly the same population as Toronto and as such is incredibly overpopulated and well, filthy (i.e we have regularly seen people defecating and urinating in the streets) . I mistakenly went for a walk in flip flops and hopefully have not contracted anything! The food, however, has been fantastic. We’re in the north, and the food here is very high carb…potatoes, peas, lentils, breads, and more breads! This is certainly not a dieter’s dream but we are enjoying it all!
From Jaipur we travelled 7 hours by car to Jodhpur, here we stayed at a tented wilderness camp outside of the city. Traffic in India continues to be insane but we are quickly getting accustomed to it. En route our car came to a screetching halt when a herd of goats decided to cross the road. Neither Grant nor I batted an eye!
Last year, Madonna and family stayed at the same camp (there are only 7 tents here). The tents here are huge and of course have an en suite bathroom! We went for a walk and were given a tour of a new 9 suite hotel next to our camp by the foreman, who, incidentally had enough ear hair that it could have been put into a pony tail (ew!). Personal grooming and hygeine are far from Western standards!
Yesterday we visited a traditional Bushnoi village. The Bushnoi community are a sect of one of the 5 castes of Hindu (literally translated it means 29 rules). We did not hear all of the 29 rules but from what we witnessed, misogyny is one of them. They are strict vegetarians, use no electricity and the men drink opium daily. We were greeted with an opium ceremony and were offered to partake but respectfully declined. It seems the men consume opium twice daily while the women cook, clean, and well do everything else. They told us that the opium is not an intoxicant but that they feel ‘really good’ and that it is highly addictive (they didn’t mention the doritos but I suspect they’re there as well).
Grant’s comments:
So far all I have to say is that the Indian people (boy or girl) have really awesome hair. Also, I have upgraded Indian children to the cutest on the planet. Southeast Asians have been downgraded to number 2 (sorry Anh, aka Monkey). The Southeast Asians are followed by Africans and finally Caucasian (with the exception of the entire Dobbie family, and possibly some of the Philip family as well).
That is all.
Love Sarah and Grant.
We miss all you guys (except Louise).
PS – Happy Birthday Chirpy!


~ by sdobbie on January 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Rajasthan”

  1. Hey guys! Perhaps the kids are cute over there in India, but I need you to see kids here in Brampton and then you tell me if they’re still cute. Miss you Sarah!

  2. Are there people that clean up the poo in India? Are there plastic bags around town that they can use for clean up? Does Sarahs feet smell like poo? Sorry about all the questions.

    • No, there are no poo cleaners, no plastic bags and yes feet are smelling a little 😉 but not necessarily like poo. Wish you were here!

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