Paradise found…

We arrived in Alleppey, a small town on the south west side of India and were taken to the backwaters where we found our houseboat and crew. The houseboat was amazing, almost entirely made from natural materials, looking nothing like the big boxes we used to rent in Alexandria Bay! It was just us on the boat along with 3 crew: captain, engine mechanic (?) and cook. The scenery was incredible and lush. We travelled through narrow canals and lakes and were able to see how the Keralans live…fishing, washing clothes in the river, kids walking to school. Our crew spoke very little English but liked to point things out…sunset, boat, trees, children. It became pretty comical for us as I think they were just trying to practice their English. Several times one night they pointed to the sunset, repeating ‘sunset, sunset’. Then they took us to shore and walked us to a spot where we could watch the ‘sunset’ and then stood there with us until the sun went down (very romantic, lol!). They served us traditional Keralan food, where pretty much everything is cooked with coconut or at least coconut oil. We had a typical thali dish, which is a selection of dishes set on a banana leaf and served with unpolished rice. It’s supposed to be eaten with your hands but we couldn’t quite master that. They also served fresh pineapple after every meal…perfect! We spent 2 lovely nights on the boat and the experience was well worth the number of mosquito bites I got!
From the houseboats we went to a beautiful beach area and are now staying on a huge resort at Marari Beach. It’s got great sand beaches and the accomodation is fisherman style cottages (thatched roofs and open air bathrooms). It’s very pretty and serene although does feel somewhat like heaven’s waiting room (we are by far the minority here…most of the clientele seem to be septagenarians here with their parents). We took yoga yesterday morning, outdoors facing the ocean, with an extremely flexible yogi, who was incredibly 64! Grant’s got some new moves to show everyone when we get back….ironically, he’s amazing at The Peacock and is working on perfecting The Scorpian! It’s pretty impressive!
We are leaving here tomorrow for the south coast of India where we spend one night en route to Sri Lanka.
Hope all is well with everyone!


~ by sdobbie on February 2, 2009.

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