Monkeys, Cows and a Tiger, Oh My!

Just a quick update here….Taj Mahal was amazingly beautiful…
But the highlight (for me anyway) was spotting a wild bengal tiger after 2 unsuccessful game drives!
On our final safari in Ranthambore National Park, we heard monkey alarm calls (they warn the other animals that a tiger is near) and followed their sounds which lead us directly to a very large male tiger. He was relaxing about 100 feet from our open air jeep. He then proceeded to walk about 25 feet in front of our vehicle! Amazing. They estimate that there are only 1300 – 1500 wild bengal tigers left in India so I was pretty excited (I think our hotel manager was happy too as he had promised me that he would dress up as a tiger and dance around the fire if we didn’t see a tiger!)
Hope everyone is doing well! We hear it’s cold at home, that’s too bad 😉
More updates later….


~ by sdobbie on January 18, 2009.

One Response to “Monkeys, Cows and a Tiger, Oh My!”

  1. Are you sure the alarm calls weren’t for the fuzzy haired creature in the jeep??

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